Free Hearing Tests and iPod listeners

Many people who are using iPods today are at significant risk of hearing loss.

For those of us who have been to concerts, listen to loud music, or are exposed to loud noises at work there is a fairly high risk of developing hearing loss down the track.

However, one of the commonest sights that you will see today is people with their iPod or other portable music player with headphones.

It is possible that you have also stood next to someone, or been in public transport and a few metres away clearly hear what they are listening to.

Imagine that you are now their ears, it is simply a matter of time before they notice that they have to turn things up even more, or ask their friends to repeat themselves.

Both of these being signs of early hearing loss.

It is important that if you have an iPod that you turn down the volume, have breaks, and if you have any concerns with your hearing, then organise to get a free hearing test.